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"A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it."
Arnold Gingrich~

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Some of you may be asking who (or what) is The Australian Trout Foundation? The Australian Trout Foundation Inc. is the only independent, non-profit organisation in the country that is specifically dedicated to protecting and improving Australia's trout fishery, ensuring that all Australians can enjoy trout fishing now and for future generations to come. We represent all trout fishers regardless of method (bait, lure or fly) and are funded by annual membership fees from our passionate supporters. We welcome your feedback which can be submitted via the form on the "Contacts" page. The Foundation's mission is "... to protect, build and promote Australia's trout fishery."

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"A Trout Fishing Crisis is upon us" (by Ray Buckland)

The 2013/2014 trout fishing season has been different in so many ways. We fisher- men are nomads and in our travels the lament from our brothers in waders is uniform all over the east coast; ‘the fishery is buggered; what has happened? And what can we do? more...&...have your say.

A brief history of Trout in Australia:

In April 1864, a fellow by the name of James Youl, at considerable expense to himself, eventually managed to ship live brown trout ova to Australia. After several previous unsuccessful attempts to ship Atlantic salmon to the Antipodes, the Norfolk docked at Railway Pier in Melbourne more....

Swimming Upstream:

"Freshwater Fish in a warming world" - An American publication by the National Wildlife Federation on the effects of what challenges fish (and particularly trout) will have to cope with regarding climate change.
Read about this subject affecting the whole world, including our own fisheries. download .pdf (2mb)........

Rubicon River Stiles:

Following support from the Australian Trout Foundation, Fisheries Victoria provided funding during 2013 to install pedestrian stiles along the lower sections of the Rubicon River near Tumbling Waters.