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The Australian Trout Foundation actively seeks to identify and act on projects that will enhance our trout fishery, improve public image and awareness of trout and to protect and conserve the fishery and its environment.

We are open to suggestions for worthwhile projects to enhance our fishery and can apply for grants to fund them. As a guideline to what fits the ATF criteria, we are particularly interested in habitat rehabilitation, conservation, education and fishing access projects but other ideas may also be welcome.
(Please note that fish stocking is dealt with through

Vic Fish Stock and should be addressed to the ATF's Stocking Co-ordinator.)

You can email our Projects Officer ( with your project suggestion and our committee will evaluate the benefits and suitability prior to deciding if it should proceed.

Some of our past projects successfully completed include the following:

North East Rivers Access           Barred Galaxias          Shaw Galaxias          Lake Fyans Barrier Gates

Ovens River Habitat Restoration                                             Steavenson River Tree Planting


Some current and future projects include:

  • Jordan-Scotty Incubator Trials - Stage 1 has been completed (2016) and stgae 2 is now underway (2017)
  • Buckland River Restoration works - Awaiting unding approval.
  • Spotted Tree Frog - A partnership project between Zoos Victoria, Arthur Rylah Institute, Melbourne Uni, VRFish ATF & Native Fish Australia to help educate the public and protect these critically endagered little frogs.

Please watch this space for updates on these projects.


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