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State Branches and Regional Chapters

With members in almost all states of Australia, and as one of its major goals, the ATF is actively seeking local anglers from various states / territories and regional areas to set up State Branches (and Regional Chapters) in all states where trout are found.

An ATF Branch in your state / region would allow members to look after their own local issues (within the ATF's goals and policies) with the support and backing of a well respected national organization.


The ATF is quite well established in Victoria and has already begun the process with some regional chapters in Victoria already operating.

Western Australia
A State Branch is also now up and running in Western Australia with around 20 members and growing.
We also have now created a dedicated page on this site specifically for the WA Branch to keep their local members up to date and hopefully, we can expand on this in due course.
If you're from W.A. and have an interest in joining their ranks, please use the membership page to join up or email your details to: so the W.A. working group can get back in touch with you.

WA State Branch Page

South Australia
We have also recently had further discssion with a small number of keen anglers from South Australia with similar goals of setting up a State Branch of the ATF in their state. However, they still need more local trout anglers to get behind them if they are going to get off the ground.
Please contact us at: if you have an interest in assisting with  this.

NSW and Tasmania
Both of these states have a small number of people who have expressed an interest in forming an ATF Branch in their state, but to do so will require more dedicated locals to also get involved.

We are yet to be pproached by any members from around Canberra with interest in a chapter here.

So, ACT, NSW, & Tasmania - What 's holding you back?

If you are interested in helping to establish an ATF Branch in your state, please contact our president or secretary ( or with your contact details so we can put you in touch with other interested persons in your state.

You will likely need a around 5 - 6 (min.) keen members in each state to set up a State Branch working group.

We can offer guidance and I'm sure Russell in W.A. would be happy to discuss his experience of going through the process.


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