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Ovens River Challenge
(6th & 7th April '19 - Myrtleford)

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Ovens River Challenge event, details as set out in the Flyer. (click button to access Flyer)
Ovens River Challenge (Flyer)

Feel free to download and forward the Flyer to your fishing friends or post it on your Facebook page if you so desire.

Please note the Flyer states that it is a "Fising & Social" event. The main purposes are to bring recreational trout and native anglers together and for all to have the opportunity to discuss the fisheries with Fisheries Managers and ATF & NFA Representatives. We met with Travis Dowling (CEO Victorian Fisheries Authority) last Thursday and Travis is looking forward to attending the event and mixing with Anglers and talking about our fisheries.   Travis is an avid Angler and is looking forward to trying to entice Ovens River Cod & Trout onto his line. Other Fisheries Managers are also most likely to attend.


There will be a number of awards (and giveaways) other than shown on the Flyer, especially for Junior Anglers (rods & lures) and we hope to see many Juniors (and Seniors) in attendance. There will also be cod & trout fly tying, and fly & lure casting demonstrations. 


There is also a free BBQ starting at 1pm on Sunday and Travis, Terry & Tim will have the opportunity to say a few words; emphasis on A FEW WORDS and answer any queries that may arise about our fisheries and waterways. We have also invited Andrew Briggs from NECMA (North East Catchment Management Authority) to take part in this presentation.


Please take this opportunity to spin a few yarns with fellow native and trout fishers, and to find out our current and future plans for our inland fisheries.

Volunteers Needed - Jordan-Scotty Incubator Loading and Installation

Similar to 2017 and again in 2018, the ATF will team up again in 2019 with the VFA and Recreational Angling Clubs to continue trials of the Jordan Scotty incubators to ascertain whether it's a viable stocking method for streams that have been adversely affected by bush fires, floods or human intervention.

We welcome Angling Cubs and Anglers who wish to volunteer to assist in loading and/or installing the incubators. If you wish to be involved please register your name and contact details with Matt Byrne (E)


Fish Habitat Workshops

Funding is being provided to the ATF to host a series of 4 Habitat Workshops across the state of Victoria.

The first of these workshops was held in Myrtleford (end of April 2018). ~ Around 50 - 60 people attended and a number of new habitat restoration projects were proposed.
A second workshop was held in Heidelberg (Aug '18) with over 40 people attending and a further number of projects identified and discussed.

Projects identified at these workshops are currently being looked at, prioritized and planned as future projects.

(See updates on these 2 workshops below)

The big winners are you anglers, so get involved and help plan where habitat works will be carried out in future.There will be 2 other workshops yet to held in Traralgon & Warrnambool between now and winter 2019. Once the dates have been set in stone we will post them here and on our Facebook page.

  • Traralgon (likely March '19)

  • Warrnambool (by winter 2019)

Healthy Waterways = Healthy Fishing
The main purpose of these "Fish Habitat Workshops" is to create awareness of the threats to our waterways and fisheries, and to assemble an army of “Habitat Soldiers” to join in partnerships and take some responsibility in restoring the health of our waterways through identifying and completing habitat restoration projects. It’s all about working together in partnerships where “Every Little Bit Helps”.

To register your interest, find out more about these workshops or to join our army of habitat volunteers, send an email to:



Past Events


"Fish Habitat Workshop" (Heidelberg) - 11th Aug 2018

The Australian Trout Foundation teamed up with Native Fish Australia (VIC), Victorian Fishing Authority, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and the Arthur Rylah Institute to present the 2nd round of Fish Habitat Workshops at the Arthur Rylah Institute in Heidelberg on Saturday 28th April.
Over 40 p[eople were in attendance and were presented with updates on running projects and shown just what can be achieved by wortking together.
Some 39 new habitat projects were identified and will be evaluated in the coming months.

Further workshops are being panned for other regions later in the year (see "coming events" above).


"Talk Wild Trout" Conference 2018

The 4th "Talk Wild Trout" conference was held in Melbourne (Preston) on Saturday 11th August 2018.

With over 300 anglers in attendance this event was another huge success and highlights our state gov'ts committment to trout.

It followed on from the 2017 TWT conference with the keynote speaker Jim Fredericks, Chief of Fisheries, Idaho Department of Fish & Game, talking about trout fisheries management in famous American trout streams.

Similar to 2017, reports were given on river health and fish populations, updates on incubator trials, updates on current habitat projects, a forecast on climate change and how it will likely affect trout and some tips on lure fishing in the south west rivers and also some fly fishing tips from Phil Weigall.


The really great news is that it will be on again in 2019.


"Steavenson River Tree Planting Day" - May 5th 2018

Held at Maryton Lane, Marysville on the 5th May in conjunction with VRFish and the Goulburn Broken CMA over 600 trees were planted along the river bank to support the health of the Steavenson River. This project is part of the "Angler Riparian Partnerships Program".

Around 60 people including volunteers from numerous fishing clubs assisted along with organizers to plant the trees provided by the CMA. The local land-owner was very welcoming and a BBQ lunch provided to all volunteers and fly-casting lessons were also provided to anyone interested following the event.

Steavenson River Tree Planting Day



"Fish Habitat Workshop" (Myrtleford) - 28th April 2018

The Australian Trout Foundation (ATF) teamed up with Native Fish Australia (VIC) to present a Fish Habitat Workshop at Myrtleford on Saturday 28th April.

Further workshops are being panned for other regions later in the year (see "coming events" above).

The team (ATF / NFA / GBCMA / NECMA / VFA / ARI) are constantly seeking the best methods to combat threats to our Fish Habitats, while also recognising and applauding the excellent work done in all regions by partnerships involving Catchment Management Authorities, Recreational Anglers / Clubs and Land Care groups; particularly in clearing and re-planting riparian zones around our waterways and putting snags back in the streams.


"Talk Wild Trout" Conference - Sat 11th Nov. 2017

At the 3rd of these conferences run by Fisheries Victoria, ATF president Terry George along with Fisheries Manager John Douglas spoke about this year's Incubator trials in the Jamieson and King rivers and Traralgon Creek.

Trout FisherConference topics included:

  • Spawning results from 12 key rivers
  • Keynote speaker, renowned trout researcher from New Zealand, John Hayes, talking about trout behavior and what makes a good trout stream
  • Anglers improving habitat and how to get involved
  • Outcomes of trout stocking in 2 iconic rivers
  • Progress on incubator stocking trials (3 rivers)
  • Trout fishing pressure study
  • The new Freshwater Fishery Management Plan.

The State Government has invested $46 million into the Target One Million plan to grow participation and get more people fishing, more often.

A panel discussion ended the day with questions from the audience welcomed.


When: Sat 11th Nov. 2017 (9:00am - 4:30pm)
Where: Mansfield Performing Arts Centre (15 View Street, Mansfield)




"Talk Wild Trout" Conference - Sat 5th Nov. 2016

Following a successful event in 2015, Fisheries Victoria are holding the 2nd "Talk Wild Trout" conference at Mansfield, Victoria on Saturday 5th November 2016, from 9.30am until 4.30pm.
(For more details click here)


Bright Fly Fishing Opening Week End (FFOWE) - Sat 5th & Sun 6th Sept '15
Supported by Alpine Shire Council and scheduled to coincide with the opening of the fly fishing season on Saturday 5 September, it was organised by local guiding business Southern Fly Fishing Adventures in association with Fly-Fisher tackle shop in  Melbourne.

Held at Boynton's Winery and the Harrietteville Trout Farm, the event is highly recommended and well attended.
Vice President (and former guide), Terry George was a guest speaker.
Matt Howell, a local master fly casting instructor was also in attendance offering his help with fly casting technique.

2015 was the event's 2nd year and it appears to be growing each year so we look forward to an even bigger event in 2016.

Bright Fly Fishing Opening Weekend Event      

2014 Event
You-Tube video
(Click image)


Goulburn Trout Festival - Sat 5th Sept '15
To welcome the opening of the 2015 trout fishing season in rivers and streams, Fisheries Victoria and the Eildon community once again hosted the annual Goulburn Fishing Festival on Saturday 5 September. As usual, the ATF were present again this year.


ATF / NFA side-by-side Carpark displays Snobs Creek hatchery tour
ATF / NFA side-by-side Carpark displays Snobs Creek hatchery tour




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