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2016 ATF Survey

All Victorian trout fishers are urged to complete this important survey regarding size and bag limits for trout across the state.

The Victorian's Government's Target One Million initiative made a commitment to introduce a minimum size limit for trout and the ATF wishes to provide Fisheries Victoria with Trout Fishers' independent opinions regarding this important issue.
Victoria once had a minimum size limit of 11 inches (approx. 28cm) but this was discontinued more than 30 years ago.

On the other hand, NSW has a minimum size limit of 25cm on all streams apart from Spawning Streams (Eucambene & Thredbo Rivers) which have separate regulations. The bag limit in NSW is 5 on all General Trout Streams, but that limit reduces to 2 fish on certain sections of 11 Streams that are classified as Fly & Lure waters only.

We trust you are aware that currently there is no minimum size limit for trout in Victorian Lakes, Rivers and Streams, but there is a bag limit of 5, of which in Rivers and Streams only, no more than 2 fish may exceed 35cm. Family Fishing Lakes have similar regulations to Rivers & Streams.
Trout totally rely on natural recruitment in the majority of our wild trout streams, and it should be noted that resulting from an angler survey in 2014 , the ATF in December 2014 proposed to Fisheries to implement a minimum size of 25cm and a bag limit of 2 per day

Please click this link to take the survey:

Alternatively, you can also complete it on our Facebook page.

The ATF wishes to thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.
The survey results will be forwarded to Fisheries Victoria and may be used as a tool to assess future strategies in management of Victoria's trout fishery.