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Life Membership Presentation

The ATF recently celebrated its first Life Membership award with a presentation to Mick Hall.
If it was not for a conversation between founding president Philip Bailey and Mick's Hall whilst travelling home from a meeting in NSW, the ATF may never have been formed. Trout would possibly have disappeared (or been wiped out) in Victoria and the collaborative envirnoment we have today between VFA, NFA (Vic), ARI and the numerous other organisations would not likely be what it is.
Mick was directly involved with the ATF committee for twenty years, served for over ten years as its President and has many accomplishments in promoting and protecting not just our Trout fishery, but native fish as well. Mick continues with advising the current committee on many matters and is just as passionate as ever.

Mick Hall (left) and Terry George (right)                                               

Mick's examples of collaboration, partnerships and working together are a testament to what the ATF continues to strive for and progress today in promoting healthy waterways, fisheries and making it possible for future generations to catch a trout or native fish anywhere in Australia.
Today we were pleased for Terry George (current ATF President) to present our first Life Membership to the legend that is Mick Hall - may we all be a glimmer of the leading light he has provided for over twenty years.