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Liberal Party media release - Victorian state elections

16 Nov. 18


The Victorian Liberal Party published a Media Release detailing the benefits they would provide for Victorian Recreational Fishers. The full Release is worth a read and it’s available on their website.


One of their pledges they will provide, reads "A $30 million Fish Habitat Restoration Fund to restore native fisheries throughout Victoria", which is wonderful for the native fish guys and whilst we encourage gov’t support of the native fishery, there was not even a token gesture for trout. Given that (according to VFA surveys), the largest group of freshwater anglers (67%) fish for trout, this was most disconcerting and motivated me to send the following message back to Messrs Matthew Guy & Peter Walsh:


“Gentlemen, please be aware that trout (introduced 160+years ago) are the most targeted sporting fish in the world, and most definitely in Victoria. Trout Fishers contribute more to the Victorian economy (especially country) than any other Fishers.

Please also be aware that Victorian Trout Recreational Fishers are the most active of all in initiating and volunteering for Habitat Restoration Projects. In fact, the Australian Trout Foundation, in conjunction with the VFA, DELWP, ARI, CMA's & Native Fish Australia, held 2 Habitat Workshops in Victoria thus far in 2018. One at Myrtleford on 28th April and the other in Metropolitan Melbourne (Heidelberg) on 6th October.

These Workshops were thankfully funded by VFA & DELWP. The main aims of the Workshops are to create awareness of the threats to our waterways and fisheries (Trout & Native) and to assemble an Army of "Habitat Soldiers" to join in partnerships and take some responsibility in restoring the health of our waterways and fisheries.

The ATF & NFA have an MOU forming the "Victorian Inland Fishing Alliance" and work closely together on Habitat issues. More than 100 Recreational Fishers attended these workshops representing a large number of Angling Clubs. Resulting from the Workshops we have 49 suggested Habitat & Access Projects to work through and already 2 have been funded by VFA; being Riparian and In-stream Restoration projects on the Mitta Mitta River at Tallandoon and the Rubicon River at Thornton. A further current project on the Buckland River, for which an RFL Grant provided funding to the ATF, is currently under construction. A number of others have been inspected and some are already in the planning stage.

This information is to inform you that the Australian Trout Foundation and the Habitat Army made up of Angling Clubs and Members have played an integral part of bringing all the parties and Stakeholders together to form partnerships to restore the health of our waterways and fisheries.

Accordingly, to read in your press release that you will be providing "A $30 million Fish Habitat Restoration Fund to restore native fisheries throughout Victoria", without even a token gesture for trout, was most disconcerting.

Please consider the above and amend your release accordingly.”


Terry George

President, Australian Trout Foundation