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June '18 Newsletter
June 13,2018


The ATF is pleased to provide an update on our activities since the last newsletter back in Feburary - a lot has happened since then and we are planning even bigger things to come down the the track.


In this issue you can read about some of the major activities we have been involved in:

  • Jordan-Scotty Incubabor Phase 3 Trials are occurring (Volunteers are required now)
  • ATF held a "Strategic Planning Day" in re-validation of our mission, goals and improvements
  • First of series of Habitat Workshops was held in Myrtleford, Victoria
  • Mick Hall (former ATF President and original member) was awarded Life Membership
  • Riparian Tree Planting day was held on the Steavenson River in Victoria
  • Update on the Western Australia Branch formation and progress


We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue, and in addition, if not already a member consider signning up or Volunteering to participate in one of our actiivties or events. If interested in membership a form is provided on the current website or if interested in the following:


Habitat Projects                                                                                         

Incubator Trials


June 2018 Newsletter