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June '19 Newsletter
July 10,2019

The ATF is pleased to provide an update on our activities since the last newsletter back in March '19 - a lot has happened since then.

Catch up here with what has been happening:

  • From the Editor
    An overview from the editior of what's inside this edition.
  • Ovens River Challenge (2019)
    Terry George (ATF President) reports on the success of the ORC.
  • Heat Adaption In Trout.
    Russell Hanley reports that there may be evidence that some trout in WA are adapting to the changes in water temperatures.
  • Strategic Plan Report (April 2018-2019).
    Paul Stolz (ATF Secretary) gives an update on the progress of the ATF Strategic Plan.
  • Delative River Instream Habitat Restoration Project.
    Terry George (ATF President) reports on the placement of logs and boulders into Victoria's Delatite River.
  • Buckland River Habitat Restoration Project.
    Terry George (ATF President) reports on additional works to add even more logs and boulders and also the tree palnting day on the Buckland River in NE Victoria.
  • Trees for Trout Day on the MacAlister River - An Angler Riparian Partnership Project.
    Terry George (ATF President) tells us about the successful tree planting day on the Macalister River in Gippsland.
  • Lake Eildon Trout Stocking.
    Terry George reports on recent trout stocking in Lake Eildon (assisted by the Mansfield & District Fly Fishers).
  • Fish Habitat Workshop in Traralgon
    The third round of Habitat Workshops is to be held on Sat.13th July - you're all invited to attend.
  • Cheetah Trout
    VFA will be stocking Lake Purrumbete with "Cheetah" Trout on 3rd July. - Find out what they are.
  • A Trout's Eyesight
    Russell Hanley provides a web-link with a good explanation of what the worls looks like to a trout.
  • WA Report / FFRG / Clubs and Communities 2019.
    Russell Hanley (ATF EDitor & WA Chair) reports on the progress and activities of the WA State Branch, the WA Freshwater Fisheries Referrence Group and a recent RecFishWest hosted a "Clubs and
    Communities Conference" for recreational angling clubs and organisations.


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