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March '19 Newsletter
July 10,2019

The ATF is pleased to provide an update on our activities since the last newsletter back in June '18 - a lot has happened since then and we are planning even bigger things to come down the the track.


In this issue you can read about some of the major activities we have been involved in:

  • Ovens River Challenge (2019)
    ATF and NFA (Native Fish Australia) are holding a combined "Fishing & Social" event on 6th & 7th April at Myrtleford. All your questions regarding the event are answered here.
  • Little Rivers, Big Challenges.
    Ray Buckland (ATF Vice President) shares his thoughts on fishing some of Victoria's small streams.
  • Future Proofing Our Fisheries.
    Russell Hanley (ATF Editor) offers some insight into what might happen with our trout fisheries and what we can do to help save them with changes to our climate already evident.
  • An Invitation to all Women Fishers – Take Ownership of Your Fishery.
    ATF needs more committee members and in particular, the perspective from women.
  • WA Report / FFRG.
    Russell Hanley (ATF EDitor & WA Chair) reports on the progress and activities of the WA State Branch and the WA Freshwater Fisheries Referrence Group.
  • Did You Know?
    Brown Trout have been introductuced into 39 countries around the world.


We hope you enjoy reading the latest issue, and in addition, if you are not already a member, please consider signning up or volunteering to participate in one of our actiivties or events.

If interested in membership, a form is provided on the current website (

or you may be interested in the following activities:

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Incubator Trials


March '19 Newsletter