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November 19,2013
Stiles, Hepburn Lagoon, Shaw's galaxias & Vic N/East..

November 27,2013
new website notification..

December 09,2013
Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas..

July 11,2014
Trout Survey, Fishing Crisis, Trout Response Plan, Stocking, Meetings...

October 24,2016
2016 President's Report, Talk Wild Trout 2016, ATF Survey, Technologies & Partnerships = Our Fisheries' Future, Snobs Creek Fin Clip, 2016 AGM..

January 10,2017
Wild Trout Streams & Wild Trout Fishery, Major ATF Strategies for 2017, Jordan Scotty Incubator Trial Update, Rubicon River Habitat, Habitat Habitat Habitat, 6 ATF Members Visit New Zealand (Fishing Report)..

July 31,2017
ATF Survey Results, Gippsland trout removal to protect endangered Galaxia, Helping our wild trout in hot weather, Club Membership, Jordan Scotty incubator trial update, Didymo Report, Habitat Restoration Projects, New freshwater invasive species, ..

July 31,2017
Rubicon River Hydro Proposal, Trout Regulations, Melbourne Boat Show 2017, Jordan Scotty Incubator Trials (2017), RISE Fly-Fishing Film Festival 2017..

February 13,2018
Jordan Scotty Incubator Trials, Talk Wild Trout Conference, WA Troutfest, WA Trout Fishery, Every Little Bit Helps..

June 13,2018
Jordan-Scotty Trials, Strategic Planning Day, Habitat Workshops, Life Membership Award, Tree Planting Day, Western Australia Branch..